History of Fondue bourguignonne

The Swiss version of the Aosta Valley fondue is the fondue bourguignonne , which is also very popular in France and partly in Piedmont. Literally fondue bourguignonne means Burgundy fondue, probably due to its origins being sought in Burgundy rather than in Switzerland.

The preparation technique of the fondue bourguignonne is very similar to that of the more famous fondue: the caquelon , a saucepan fed by a small stove at the base, and all around are arranged cubes of raw meat (beef, chicken, lamb …) and vegetables that are skewered and then cooked in boiling oil inside the caquelon. Everything is enriched with sauces (mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, tartar sauce, Bernese sauce, Tabasco sauce, Worcester sauce …) and aromatic herbs (parsley, bay leaf, rosemary, chives …).

In Piedmont, fondue bourguignonne is accompanied by the sauces typically associated with mixed boiled meats: the green bath and the red bath.

The rite of fondue bourguignonne is very convivial, it is a nice way to organize a dinner with friends and relatives, where everyone cooks their own favorite meat and vegetables.

The caquelon

The caquelon, the essential tool for preparing fondue, is a circular container made of copper, cast iron or other metal that narrows on the upper edges to avoid splashes of hot oil.

It is placed on a tripod which has space at the base for a small gas stove.

In the more modern versions of caquelon (see photo below) there are also metal skewers, bowls for sauces and plates to support raw ready-to-cook foods.

Prices for a caquelon start at € 80.

The ingredients for a perfect fondue bourguignonne


The raw material for a perfect fondue must be first choice. The preferred cuts of beef are walnut, rump and sirloin. Then the breast of a free-range chicken, fresh homemade sausage.

The meat should be cut with a knife into cubes small enough to be eaten in one bite. Everyone can cook the meat according to their preferences (rare, medium or well done).

As far as vegetables are concerned, it is better to boil them lightly before bringing them to the table, otherwise the cooking times will expand considerably and therefore I recommend using potatoes, carrots, courgettes, celery, fennel, onions.

The oil to use is preferably the extra virgin olive oil (although many use the seed oil as for the classic frying).

A variant of the bourguignonne: the fondue chinoise

The fondue chinoise , that is the Chinese fondue, is practically the light version of the fondue bourguignonne : the mechanism is identical, the pieces of meat and vegetables are cooked inside the caquelon only that instead of being fried in oil they are boiled in a broth vegetable.

This variant also uses fish (shrimp, cuttlefish, squid) as an ingredient in addition to meat.

In addition, you can play with the spices and sauces to match by choosing for example thinly sliced fresh ginger (as with sushi), soy sauce, orange flavored yogurt, mango chutney and even fresh fruit to create a bittersweet contrast.

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Fresh Meat Fondue Bourguignonne

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