Game Menu at Ristorante del Ponte Minusio: Enjoy the Excellence of Autumn Cuisine from Oct. 1, 2023


With the arrival of autumn, Ristorante del Ponte Minusio is ready to delight the palates of its guests with an extraordinary game menu starting October 1, 2023. This culinary event promises to bring the essence of the seasons to the art of cooking, offering a selection of delicious dishes prepared with fresh, local ingredients. Let’s find out together what makes the game menu at Ristorante del Ponte Minusio so unmissable.

Flavors of Autumn on Your Plate

Fall is a season characterized by warm colors, falling leaves and cooler temperatures. It is also an ideal time to enjoy the pleasures of game cuisine. Ristorante del Ponte Minusio has created a specially designed menu to celebrate these unique flavors.

  1. Unforgettable Appetizers: Your culinary journey begins with a series of appetizers that highlight the variety of game available. From venison tartare with wild blueberries to pheasant crostini with mushroom cream, each dish is a gastronomic work of art.
  2. Prime Dishes that Warm the Heart: Move on to pasta dishes and be tempted by such delights as wild boar pappardelle with an herb-based tomato sauce and pigeon risotto with fresh black truffles. These dishes will wrap you in an embrace of comfort and taste.
  3. Enchanting Main Courses: The selection of main courses is a celebration of the variety of game. From venison tenderloin with red wine reduction to roasted quail with black currant sauce, every bite is a flavor surprise.
  4. Autumn Desserts: Don’t forget to treat yourself to an autumn dessert. Chestnut cake with vanilla cream and red wine pears will captivate your palate with rich, enveloping flavors.

An Exceptional Gastronomic Experience

Ristorante del Ponte Minusio does more than simply offer delicious dishes. Each meal is a complete culinary experience with attention to detail to satisfy the senses. The view of the river, the sound of the water, and the cozy atmosphere of the restaurant will help make your dinner even more memorable.

Fresh and Local Ingredients

One of the secrets of Ristorante del Ponte Minusio’s cuisine is the use of fresh, local ingredients. Chefs work closely with local suppliers to ensure that each dish reflects the best the region has to offer. This commitment to quality is reflected in the extraordinary flavor of each course.

Book Now and Delight with Us

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the game menu at Ristorante del Ponte Minusio. Reservations are strongly recommended, as this dining experience is bound to be in high demand. Bring your family, friends or plan a romantic evening and immerse yourself in the enveloping flavors of autumn.

With the start of the game menu from October 1, 2023, the Minusio Bridge Restaurant awaits you for an unforgettable culinary journey. Don’t miss this opportunity to savor autumn at its peak. Enjoy your meal!